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Each year, the Titanic Museum Attraction decks the halls for a magical Christmas Celebration.  This year, the Titanic Crew worked for 4 days with 12 people working each night, to complete this year’s holiday lights and decorations inside the ship. 
You see, the Titanic didn’t sail during Christmas, but if she had, we imagine that she might have looked like this: 

There are 24 trees on display throughout the ship, along with thousands of glittering holiday lights! Here is what else you can expect on your tour of the Titanic Museum Attraction during November and December 2013. 

1. Walk the Grand Staircase – Built from original blue prints – for the first time you are able to walk the Grand Staircase. It cost this museum over one million dollars to build this most famous staircase – Titanic’s hand-crafted, wooden inlayed, Grand Staircase, which led First Class passengers into the heart of shipboard society where the rich and richer mingled before dinner.
2. See 3rd Class Cabin and First Class Suite –  What was it like to travel on Titanic? How many shared a room? Was there a bathroom? What did it cost in today’s standards to travel in third class verses first class? Learn the answers during your voyage at the museum.
3. Touch a Real Live Iceberg! – Step into the Captain’s bridge and steer the ship. Learn of Titanic’s voyage from Ireland. Feel the chill of that starry night when Titanic met her destiny. You can steer the ship, will you miss the iceberg? Touch the iceberg. Feel how cold the water was by sticking your hands in 28 degree water. 
4. Discover Titanic in 2013 – What does Titanic look like now, on the bottom of the ocean? Our owner, Mr. John Joslyn takes you on a journey of discovery 2 miles below the oceans waves to the resting place of the RMS Titanic. Take a virtual tour, see photos of the wreckage, hear stores from the research crew.

5. Honor the passengers – 2,208 names of Titanic’s passengers and crew line the memorial wall at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tn. Here, we give voice to them all by telling their stories and honoring their memories each and every day.
6. Meet the Titanic Fantasy Princess – she will make special appearances throughout the Holiday season to embody the holiday season’s magic and mystery shared by children of 1912 and today. You can have your photo taken with her too. This is really special for little girls and boys. 
7. And…if you visit the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tn. on Thanksgiving Day, you will see a Grand Titanic Fireworks Display that will knock your socks off. 

We hope you will come share the magic of the season with us. We have 2 locations, Branson, Mo and Pigeon Forge, Tn. For additional Christmas photos, please visit our media page or our pinterest page.

See you soon!

Chief Purser, 

Erin Wicker