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 With World Cup enjoying its 84th Year, I thought it might be appropriate to tell you a few stories of the Famous Athletes that sailed on Titanic. I would like to ask you a few trivia questions and then I will give you the answers. This research is truly amazing. I think you will be surprised and will perhaps learn new stories of the passengers who sailed Titanic. Follow me on this Titanic Sports Journey…. 

Titanic Trivia Question 1.  

Trivia Answer 1: 

Mr. Richard Norris Williams – Mr. Williams was reported to have  floated in the 28 degree water for several hours after Titanic’s sinking. When the Carpathia rescued him, he was told by the Doctor onboard that he would lose his legs. He refused to have them amputated and began walking the decks to try to create circulation. Not only did he save his legs, but he went on to win the 1912 United States mixed doubles (with Ms. Mary Browne). In 1914 and 1916 he was United States singles champion, 1920 Wimbledon men’s doubles champion (with Mr C. S. Garland) and runner up in 1924 (with Mr W. M. Washburn), 1924 Olympic gold medalist and between 1913 and 1926 was a member of the United States Davis Cup team.

Titanic Trivia Question 2.                

Dr. Henry William Frauenthal was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on 13 March 1863. He attended Lehigh University where he played football on the very 1st Amercian College team. He graduated in 1888 with a degree in analytical chemistry and he specialized in chronic joint diseases. After marrying his love, Clara Heinscheimer in France, he boarded Titanic at Southampton to return to the US. Click Here for More Info.

 Titanic Trivia Question 3.
 Titanic Trivia Answer 3: 

Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff-Gordan was an excellent fencer and won a silver medal in the 1906 Great Britain Summer Olympics. He and his wife got in Lifeboat #1 right before it was lowered into the water. Click Here for More Info.

Titanic Trivia Question 4:  
Titanic Trivia Answer 4:
Charles Williams was born in Harrow, England on Saturday, July 28th 1888. Williams was a professional Squash Racquet Sportsman and was traveling on Titanic to New York to defend his title. What happened to him on Titanic? Click Here to Find Out. 
Titanic Trivia Question 5:
Trivia Answer 5:
Quigg Edmond Baxter was born in Montreal on 13 July 1887, the son of banker James Baxter. Quiqq went to a private boys school in Montreal and went on to join the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association when he was 17. He quickly earned a reputation as a star football and hockey player. He played hockey with the Montreal Shamrocks until he took a low blow to his eye from a stick during a game in 1907, and lost his sight on one eye. What Happened to Him on Titanic? Find Out Here.

Although I can’t find any accounts of Soccer players traveling Titanic, Soccer definitely existed in 1912. World Cups didn’t begin until 1930, but there were many other athletic competition in 1912 as you can see by the stories of the above famous athletes who sailed on Titanic. Want to see some actual Sports Memorabilia from the Titanic sinking? Visit the Titanic Museum Attraction. How do you pay respect to those who have lost their lives? You simply tell their stories. That is what we do every day at the Titanic Museum Attractions in Branson, Mo. and Pigeon Forge, Tn. 

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