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Hi friends.

Did you know that the Titanic Museum Attraction has an education program for students? They offer a scavenger hunt that you can download from the website to bring with you on your “Titanic Search for Knowledge” student adventure.

I have had quite a few requests in the last year for information on Titanic’s Homeschool program. Now is your chance to take your homeschool groups to the Titanic Museum Attraction. The entire month of October 2010, the Titanic is offering a special group rate of $7, which includes tax. They do have select dates for this program, so reserve your group quickly. For further inquiries, please call 800-381-7670.

It has been almost 100 years since the tragedy struck. It is more than just the account of perhaps the most memorable maritime catastrophe of the 20th century. Titanic is a lasting symbol of the great age of immigration that brought the hopes and dreams of many people to our shores.

 The Titanic Museum Attraction wants to promote the awareness and knowledge of the world’s diverse cultures by recreating actual rooms of the Titanic and by displaying actual objects that bring to life individuals and events that have had a significant impact on human history. It is their desire to present the Titanic story in a historically accurate and reverent manner and to inspire further study and research into this event.

 Throughout the school year, you can link the Titanic experience to your curriculum and reinforce your students’ skills and help them develop proficiencies in areas beyond history.