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Last Friday, we took the kids to see a new show in Branson called JEERK. Funny name, I know. They are a group of extremely talented guys from Sweden who rock the stage with their tap dancing and rhythm. They perform at the Hughes Brothers Theatre on the strip.

If I had to sum up the experience in one word, it would be “unbelievable”. If you get a chance to read their brochure, each of these young men has been highly successful. They are dancers, musicians, actors and singers. The show is not only a tribute to the famous tap dancers like Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, and Gregory Hines, but also something new and fresh in America. They use hardware items that you might find in your local hardware store to make incredible rhythms all while tapping in their high tops. They look and dress like rock stars and their music is very much Rock and Roll.

Non-stop action and entertainment. These guys never stopped tapping! And they were creative and innovative with their stage props. Did I mention that they were funny? We gave them a standing ovation twice because the audience wanted more! During the show, I peeked at my 8 year old to see if he was enjoying it. I could see his wheels turning. This show made a huge impression on him. He saw “cool”, “hip” guys with punk rock hair playing instruments, dancing, and performing. This show inspired him.

After the show, all five performers came out so that we could meet them. I would like to mention that a lady, who was in her 70’s, came up already dressed in her JEERK t-shirt, and hugged each and every one of them. She loved it! My kids couldn’t wait to get autographs. They too wanted t-shirts, necklaces, posters, bumper stickers, etc. Truly, a show for all ages.

To me, this show represents the NEW Branson. The Branson that will attract young families like ours to vacation and live and yet will still impress our senior crowd that we love and cherish. If you haven’t seen this “Rhythm Artist Group” yet, you must make plans. They are only performing through the end of October, so make it part of your Fall Fun in the Ozarks!