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If you appreciate art or are an artist yourself, you have to take the time to come see the Titanic Museum Attraction’s Branson Art Exhibit this July. Our owners, John and Mary Kellogg-Joslyn have had the fortune of meeting a local Missouri artist extraordinaire whose talent is remarkable and worth seeing!

Her name is Rachel Wilson and she hails from Avilla, Missouri. She discovered her artistic talent back in High School in Webb City and actually received a scholarship to MSSU. Now she has a family of her own and lives on a crop and cattle farm.

I believe, when you become a mom, you have the deepest form of love in your heart for nurturing and protecting your children. Being a mom is a true gift and it inspires women. Art is an amazing outlet for this inspiration. I have a great respect for Rachel as a mom and local artist. She has definitely captured her passion in her art.

Rachel’s Titanic exhibit is that of Horse Sculptures. These amazing life-size sculptures are made of fallen hedge wood from past years ice storms on her farm. In a sense, she has recycled broken limbs and transformed them into works of art that seem to come back to life. These artistic horses have so much detail that they will definitely draw attention and double takes for passers by on the Strip in Branson, Mo. “I think our July visitors, especially the kids, will be surprised, and startled, by the realism and motion that Rachel has captured in her imaginative, hedge-horse sculptures. Each ‘horse’ has a name and story to tell, from the large plow horse to the smallest of colts,” says Joslyn. “Six sculptures will be herded together outdoors on Titanic’s grassy knoll, where they’ll appear to be grazing. They are so life-like they’re bound to slow traffic,” he adds.

Rachel Wilson’s Horse Sculptures will be on display the entire month of July 2010 on the lawn of the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Missouri. Don’t miss it.