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It was quiet in the house last Thursday when my 5 year old son went off to Kindergarten for the first time. For the past several weeks, Hunter and I have been talking about what it will be like at school. We enjoyed a “Meet and Greet” time where we got to meet his teacher and see his classroom for the first time. I have NEVER seen my son act so shy and quiet in his life. He literally hid behind me and did not speak, which is highly unusual for him. However, first impressions regarding his teacher were perfect. She is laid back, patient, and very sweet! Hunter enjoyed meeting her.

School Supplies- were a breeze this year. The Branson Primary teachers asked us to provide $20 per student and the teachers did the school supply shopping. This not only saved us money, but I think it worked out better for the teachers too because all kids in the class will have the same stuff. Also, as I mentioned in a previous blog, the Back to School Bash, hosted by the First Baptist Church in Branson, gave FREE school supplies to ALL attendees.

The Backpack-Here is the deal with the back pack. Hunter has an older brother who is in 3rd grade. The “cool” backpack style this year is one of those “sling” strap style bags. Well, Hunter got a traditional backpack that fit him, so his brother told him that he can only use one strap when carrying his backpack. Believe me when I say, Hunter has followed this rule every time he has picked up the bag!

The FIRST drop off- Our entire family took Hunter in to his classroom on the first day. We found his name at a table and got him situated in his “new home away from home”. He said, “Mom, will you come eat lunch with me today?” I said yes and proceeded to ask his teacher what time I should be there to eat lunch. She said that parents can’t eat lunch with their kids the entire first month of school. I understand the rule because they are trying to acclimate these Kindergarten students with the procedures. However, I was a little bit anxious about that…We left the school and proceeded on to take our 3rd grader to his building and then we came back to the Primary building and spied on Hunter to see what he was doing in his new classroom. I didn’t cry.

Lunch-We have been getting Hunter prepared for eating lunch on his own. See, Hunter likes to sing and laugh and talk during meal time. He is a “snacker”, if you will? What we have been warning him about is that he will need to EAT HIS LUNCH because he will be hungry and he will not be able to eat snacks every hour and half. Usually dinner goes like this – We tell Hunter to eat and then end up having to feed him because he won’t do it himself. We have said that he will have to feed himself at school because the cafeteria workers will not be cutting up his food and spoon feeding him. So far, he tells us that he loves the chocolate milk and the ice cream. He hasn’t had time to eat any of the other stuff on his tray. 🙂

Meeting new Friends-Hunter has been exposed to pre-school, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible school, so therefore meeting new friends shouldn’t be too difficult. He is pretty social. I did get a bit anxious about this because of how quiet he was when we went to meet his teacher. YIKES! When I went to pick him up after the first day (I got in line to wait for him an hour before he actually got out!!!), the first thing that he said was, “I met a new friend today. His name is Joshua. ” I asked, “how did you meet him?.” Hunter said, “I went up to him and said, will you be my friend? And, he said sure.” This makes MOMMA so proud.

Nap time-there seems to be a debate on whether or not Hunter should bring a towel to lay on at nap time. The teacher said that we couldn’t use a mat because they were too big and there wasn’t enough room in the classroom to store 20 mats. So…she suggested that we send a towel for Hunter to lay on. Well, on the first day, I forgot the towel. The teacher said that she would just have him lay on the carpet. Now, Hunter can’t decide if the carpet or the towel will be more comfortable. He has practiced on both at home trying to decide and still this morning tells me that he will continue to lay on the carpet. I’m not sure how long the teacher will allow this?

Bathroom Breaks-Now this is funny. Hunter did not “go” the entire first day. He said that the potties are TOO low to the ground and he was afraid that he would make mess. Needless to say, when I picked him up we had to go back in so he could “go”.

End of the day-I was fine ALL day, but after Hunter got home from school, I hugged him and just starting balling my eyes out. That is typical for me. I am a ROCK in a pinch and during a trial. After all is said and completely done, I fall apart. I just can’t believe that my baby is in school. Time has gone by so quickly. I am so proud of him and I love him and his brother dearly.