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I just love living in Branson, Mo. Why? Because Branson is a town that celebrates people. There has been a lot of HEAVY US news lately. The oil spill in the Gulf, Michael Jackson’s one-year memorial, and the World Cup are a few of the topics. Here in Branson, Mo. I have a light hearted topic to tell you about.

This Saturday evening at the Branson Landing, right in front of the fire and water show, I had the pleasure of being an audience member for David Letterman’s Stupid Human and Pet Trick Auditions. That’s right, Branson got a chance to show off its talented people and I can’t wait to see who gets picked to represent our town.

There were many human auditions including a young lady who could “Hoodiny” her way out of handcuffs by basically dislocating her shoulder. I witnessed a young man who could lick his elbows. One woman sang the national anthem by hitting her throat in a way that sounded like bag pipes. The talent was endless.

Then, the pets had a chance to show off their skills and guess who came up first? Molly and Carter, our beautiful pups that celebrate the Dogs that were onboard the Titanic, along with our most amazing First Class Maid, Jaynee. They were on their “Game” too. Molly and Carter both rang a bell, barked, and bowed all on command. The crowd loved them.

What I want to share about Molly and Carter’s mission is that they are not only celebrating the Dogs that were onboard the Titanic, but they have another cause. It’s called S.O.S. or Save Our Strays. Molly and Carter travel and educate local residents on how to care for dogs and work closely with the Taney County Humane Society to raise awareness and funding for Taney County. Jaynee shared with the crowd, that they have already raised $145,000 for their cause. She also shared that she has nine cats and 7 dogs herself. Wow. I believe she is saving strays as well. Thank you Titanic Museum Attraction for taking action and making a difference in our town.

Overall, the event was delightful and I believe our visitors and locals alike had a great time. I can’t wait to find out if Molly and Carter get picked for Mr. Letterman’s show. They are destined for stardom.

If you would like to meet Molly and Carter , come on over to the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Mo. You can purchase tickets online at Molly and Carter work everyday from 9am-5pm. AND Each day at noon when the ship’s noon whistle blows, they promenade down past the waterfall in front of the museum and meet and greet guests. They also have a webcam at where you can view them lounging in their lavish first class kennel.

Three cheers for Branson, Mo. I love my hometown.