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Did you know that the Owner of the Titanic Museum Attractions co-led a team in 1987 Expedition to Titanic? His team took 32 dives down to the wreckage area and brought back these amazing photos.

1987 Titanic Expedition. Titanic Museum Attraction
co-owner looking through the porthole of the submersible. – Titanic Propeller 401

Titanic Museum Attraction owner, John Joslyn on the 1987 Titanic Expedition

Photo of ship, crew, and submersible during the 1987 expedition to Titanic. Our co-owner of the Titanic Museum Attraction was there.

Titanic Museum Attraction
co-owner traveled in this submersible in 1987 down to Titanic.

-Owner of Titanic
-Co-leader 1987 Dive to the Titanic
-Photo captures side of the ship sitting at the bottom of the ocean.

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