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Officer Emily will bring weekly podcasts sharing Titanic Crew and Passenger Stories, Behind the scene crew experiences as well as round table crew discussions.

How do we pay respect to the the passengers and crew of Titanic? We simply tell their stories.

Titanic Podcast 12/03/2020

Titanic’s Star of the Industry

The Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge Tennessee is fortunate to have Crew member Josh McInnish on the crew. He has a bachelor degree in the science of music industry, he is an accomplished pianist, composer and music producer with many published works, extraordinary as this story is, imagine accomplishing all of this without sight. Hear about the inspirational award winner, Crew Member Josh, on this episode.

Titanic Podcast 11/19/2020

Thanksgiving Special

Thanksgiving is upon us! Hear how the Titanic Museum Attractions are preparing for the big day and a special message from the co-owner of the Museums, Mary Kellogg-Joslyn.

Titanic Podcast 11/12/2020

Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th is well known, and its original dates back for centuries! Hear a some history on the peculiar date as well as a special guest, Chad Morin of Ghost Hunt Weekends as we talk about past unexplained experiences and upcoming exciting events. There is much unknown surrounding both Titanic and Friday the thirteenth, hear all about it on this podcast.

Titanic Podcast 11/05/2020

Titanic Honors Veterans Day

On this episode we acknowledge the ones who provide the freedoms of the United States of America. Do you know how Veterans Day came to be? We dive into this national holiday and its origin story along with personal recounts from our very own crew on this podcast. All year long Titanic honors our military service people both past and present with a special offer, and for the month of November that offer is Complimentary admission!

Titanic Podcast 10/22/2020

Celebrate the Centennial of Women’s Rights! Vote!

This year marks the 100th anniversary or centennial anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, giving all US citizen the right to vote regardless of gender. There were 9 known suffragists on board Titanic who support the equality movement, one of which was a male supporter. This anniversary marks a turning point for the nation and civil rights, hear on this podcast how the final vote was cast at the last minute and equal rights were made possible in the state of Tennessee, where one of our Titanic Museums is located.

Titanic Podcast 10/15/2020

First Class Food on Titanic

It amazes me to think how much food had to be secured, purchased and stored before a cross-Atlantic voyage. One can’t realize how much food it took to feed 2,208 passengers and crew let alone the staff required to prepare that food, This episode is all food as we learn about the chief baker on board as well as the final dinner party aboard Titanic.

Titanic Podcast 10/08/2020

Titanic Story Of Frankie Goldsmith

This week we revisit one of our most popular and requested Titanic Stories, the story of 9 year old Frankie Goldsmith, third class passenger. Hearing the Titanic story from a child’s perspective is an interesting view point that deserves to be shared. We bring his story to life on this episode and together learn the fate of the Goldsmith Family.

Titanic Podcast 9/30/2020

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink ribbons and Pink facemasks, symbols of hope and safety, set to call attention to this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the Titanic Museum Attractions. This marks the 6th year the museums have cleared the decks for this month-long crusade. On this podcast, We spotlight the 7 Titanic Passengers who where later diagnosed with Breast cancer, and hope to bring awareness and a cure to this disease.

Titanic Podcast 9/24/2020

Titanic Descendant Interview – Gary Vartanian

On this episode we share a personal interview with actual Titanic descendant, Gary Vartanian. Gary is the Grandson of Third-class passenger David (Davit) Vartanian and we had the pleasure of welcoming him to the Branson Museum for a special tour and interview with First Class Maid Jamie. Gary indulges us with a regaling story of his grandparents love story and the journey to a home in America that would span a full decade

Titanic Podcast 9/17/2020

The Caldwell Family Titanic Story

On this episode, we take a look at one exceptional Titanic Family. The Caldwell family consisted of two young missionaries, joined by their infant son, traveling back to America aboard the Titanic, but that wasn’t always the plan. Hear from the actual Titanic Descendant of the father, Albert Caldwell, about how fate played a hand in this story of a journey home.

Titanic Podcast 9/10/2020

Titanic’s Wireless Operators

On this episode, we take a look at Titanic’s foremost progressive piece of technology. Do you ever wonder how ships before the Titanic era would communicate? Well, they didn’t communicate directly at all.

The use of flares and flags were the main communication methods, but all of that changed with the introduction of a Irish-Italian man named Gulielmo Marconi and his revolutionary wireless invention.

Titanic was equipped with a Marconi machine, and two wireless operators. Hear how junior wireless operator, Harold Bride, recalls the night of the sinking in a letter he sent to the Marconi company after the disaster.

Titanic Podcast 9/03/2020

Titanic Labor Day Special

What does Labor Day mean to you? A day off? The impending close of Summer?

This week we hear from an actual Titanic Descendant, who worked for both the ship yard building Titanic, and for The White Star Line Company itself after Titanic launched. He was surely no stranger to the labor it took to build and operate the great ship!

Labor Day is an important representation of how modern day labor laws must be preserved. This week we take a look at this national Holiday and what it took to get where we are today.

Titanic Podcast 8/27/2020

Second Class On Titanic

Titanic Podcast 8/20/2020

Third Class On Titanic

Titanic Podcast 8/13/2020

Make it Count – The Grand Staircase

Titanic Podcast 8/06/2020

More than a Museum

Titanic Podcast 7/30/2020

Wallace Hartley’s Violin and Love Story with Fiancé Maria

Titanic Podcast 7/23/2020

A Day In The Life Of A Titanic Crew Member

Titanic Podcast 7/16/2020

Titanic’s Future Storytellers

Titanic Podcast 7/08/2020

The Titanic Story of Thomas Andrews

Titanic Podcast 7/02/2020

Fourth of July Tribute

Titanic Podcast 6/25/2020

A Titanic Love Story- Isador And Ida Straus

Titanic Podcast 6/19/2020

The Titanic Museum Attractions Reopen To A Panda Bear

Titanic Podcast 6/12/2020

First Class Maid Jamie introduces Titanic Thursdays!

Titanic Podcast 6/12/2020

First Class Maid Jamie introduces Titanic Thursdays!

Titanic Podcast 6/3/2020

Reopening interview With General Manager

Titanic Podcast 5/30/2020

Boarding Passes – Part 2

Titanic Podcast 5/25/2020

Memorial Day Tribute

Titanic Podcast 5/7/2020

Special Titanic Museum Attraction Covid-19

Titanic Podcast 4/30/2020

New Boarding Passes Part. 1

Titanic Podcast 4/23/2020

Titanic Museum Attraction Manca Karun

Titanic Podcast 4/16/2020

Titanic Virtual Tribute

Titanic Podcast 4/09/2020

The Titanic Timeline

Titanic Podcast 4/02/2020

The Titanic Story of Reverend John Harper

Titanic Podcast 3/25/2020

The Titanic Story of Agnes McCoy

Titanic Podcast 3/19/2020

The Titanic Story of Margaret Brown

Titanic Podcast 3/12/2020

Story of the Addergoole Fourteen

Titanic Podcast 3/05/2020

Guest Reactions To Violin

Titanic Podcast 2/20/2020

New Artifacts on Display in Branson!

Titanic Podcast 2/13/2020

Interview with the Titanic Auctioneer

Titanic Podcast 2//6/2020

The Titanic Story of the Honeymooners

Titanic Podcast 1/30/2020

The Titanic Story Of Malkolm Johnson

Titanic Podcast 1/23/2020

The Titanic Story Of Ben Peacock

Titanic Podcast 1/16/2020


Titanic Podcast 1/9/2020

The Titanic Story Frankie Goldsmith

Titanic Podcast 1/1/2020


Titanic Podcast 12/24/2019

Titanic Christmas and Holiday Special

Titanic Podcast 12/19/2019

The Titanic Story of Bridget ‘Bertha’ Moran

Titanic Podcast 12/12/2019

The Titanic Story Of Colonel Archibald Gracie

Titanic Podcast 12/05/2019

Tea With Mick- Father Browne Audio Tour

Titanic Podcast 11/28/2019

Thanksgiving Special

Titanic Podcast 11/21/2019

Tea With Mick- Shipyard Audio Tour

Titanic Podcast 11/14/2019

Titanic News with First Class Maid Jamie

Titanic Podcast 11/07/2019

The Titanic Story Of Leah Aks

Titanic Podcast 10/31/2019

Titanic Halloween Special

Titanic Podcast 10/23/2019

The Titanic Story Of William Stead – Curse of the Mummy?

Titanic Podcast 10/15/2019

Exclusive Voice Tour- Intro into Shipyard Gallery

Titanic Podcast 10/10/2019

Titanic’s Tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Titanic Podcast 10/02/2019

Interview with the Curator – Exciting Announcement

Titanic Podcast 09/25/2019

The Titanic Story Of Alma Palsson

Titanic Podcast 09/18/2019

An Audio Tour with Tea!

Titanic Podcast 09/11/2019

The Visions of Downton Abbey, a Titanic Exclusive

Titanic Podcast 09/04/2019

A Titanic Love Story- Isador And Ida Straus

Titanic Podcast 08/28/2019

Exclusive Sneak Peak of New Boarding Passes

Titanic Podcast 08/22/2019

The Titanic Timeline

Titanic Podcast 08/14/2019

Behind the Scenes Summer Time Review

Titanic Podcast 08/08/2019

The Titanic Museum and Autism Awarness

Titanic Podcast 07/31/2019

The Titanic Story Of Lucile Carter

Titanic Podcast 07/24/2019

Story of Life jackets on Display

How do we pay respect to the the passengers and crew of Titanic? We simply tell their stories.

Titanic Podcast 07/17/2019

The Titanic Story of Henry Harris

Titanic Podcast 07/11/2019

Trapped on the Titanic! Author Interview with the Crew

Titanic Podcast 07/03/2019

4th of July Titanic and America

Titanic Podcast 06/28/2019

Bread Pudding and Downton Abbey

Titanic Podcast 06/19/2019

Titanic First Class Weddings

Titanic Podcast 06/11/2019

Titanic Father’s Day Tribute

Titanic Podcast 06/06/2019

Artifact Stories, Passenger Accounts, and Supernatural Encounters with Jamie

Titanic Podcast 05/29/2019

Tea With Mick Episode #2

Titanic Podcast 05/21/2019

The Titanic Story Of Frankie Goldsmith

Titanic Podcast 05/15/2019

Titanic Makes Headlines in Education! Featured Crew Member Interview

Titanic Podcast 05/08/2019

Titanic Museum Attraction’s Mother’s Day Tribute

Titanic Podcast 05/02/2019

The Titanic Story of Little Manca Karun

Titanic Podcast 04/24/2019

Titanic Museum Attraction – Tea With Mic Episode

Titanic Podcast 04/19/2019

Titanic Museum Attraction Lifejacket Crew Interview

Titanic Podcast 04/15/2019

Memorial Tribute Podcast

Titanic Podcast 04/11/2019

The Titanic Story of Ship Builder Thomas Andrews

Titanic Podcast 04/10/2019

Captain Maiden Voyage Story and Interview

Titanic Podcast 04/03/2019

Interview with Loving Cup Descendants and Museum Curator

Titanic Podcast 03/25/2019

The Titanic Story Of The Kiernan Brothers

Titanic Podcast 03/19/2019

The Titanic Story of Bridget McDermott

Titanic Podcast 03/14/2019

Father Francis Browne

Titanic Podcast 03/07/2019

The Titanic Story Of Margaret Brown

Titanic Podcast 2/28/2019

The Tragedy of the Fourteen Addergoole Irish

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