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“Are we there yet?” This phrase has been spoken many times in the back seat of my Hyandai as we have traveled the countryside on vacation, for soccer tournaments, or to visit family. I have to be honest. I have been that Mom that gives her kids an ipad and says, “Here, play some video games. We will be there before you know it.” But, here’s the thing. I didn’t have those when I was growing up. I had my imagination and a travel scavenger hunt game. I had to find a cow, a flag, a train, and a blue truck.

As summer approaches, I am going to proactive before our road trips this year and am planning some fun games to keep my kids occupied and happy. Here are my ideas so far:

  • Tape recorder: Let the kids produce a vacation broadcast – I am a marketer and am starting my kids early on their skills. 🙂
  •  Books on tape for the whole family, such as Percy Jackson’s Lightning Theif
  • The Classic License Plate Game – you have to find a license plate from every state in the US
  • The Curiosity Game (idea from PBS Kids) –
    o What is your favorite sport to play?
    o What are your three favorite vegetables?
    o Where is one place you’ve never been that you would like to go?
    o What do you like best about your friend _________?
    o If we could open a zoo in our backyard, what five animals would you choose?
    o If you could choose your meals for one day, what would you choose?
    o What is your favorite season? Why?
    o What do you think our next family car should be like?
    o If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would you choose?

Now, If you are planning a trip to visit one of our Titanic Museum Attractions this summer, there are a ton of fun ideas for games to play in the car. Here is my Titanic related car game list:

  • Before you arrive at the Titanic, talk to your kids about the history of what happened 102 years ago. 
  • Print off this Titanic Scavenger Hunt before you go and have your kids do their best to answer the questions. Then, after you visit the ship, have them go back and talk about the correct answers.
  •  Give every child a Titanic Job – one child could be assigned Captain of Titanic, one could be a Nurse on Titanic, one could be a musician on Titanic, etc. Ask them to talk about what it might have been like to have that job on Titanic.
  • Talk about the classes on Titanic. Ask your children which class they would have traveled on Titanic? Talk about the price to travel each class.
  • If you are visiting the Titanic in Branson, Mo. talk to your children about the musicians that played on Titanic. (this year the Titanic in Branson has an entire gallery dedicated to the musicians who were onboard Titanic) Talk about the different instruments that were represented and which instrument they would like to play. Turn on the radio and try to identify the different instruments used in the music.
  • If you are on your way to the Titanic in Pigeon Forge, Tn., describe Molly Brown and why she was known as a hero on Titanic. Ask your older children what they would have done if they were on a sinking ship. Would they have helped others, or would they have tried to swim to safety?

Those are just a few ideas to keep your children occupied and their imaginations active. Of course you will need snacks. I like to pack things that are fun to eat like trail mix, twizzlers, whale crackers, and popcorn.

Do you have your own fun games that you play on road trips? Leave a comment or suggestion!
Happy Traveling!

See you on the road….

Chief Purser
Erin Wicker