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The theme this weekend was Christmas. I spent Saturday morning in the kitchen making some of our favorite traditional fare including sausage balls, peanut butter blossoms, and snickerdoodles. I got a good start on it, but still have peanut butter cups, spinach balls, and hello dollies left to make! Next on my list was wrapping presents. I spent several hours wrapping presents. That is when I realized how blessed our family is and how exciting it will be to bless others this Christmas.

Saturday afternoon, we decided to surprise the children and take them to meet Rudolph and Vixen at the Titanic Museum Attraction. Much to my surprise, the reindeer were “on break” when we got there. There had been so many girls and boys to visit the Reindeer and pet them, that they were exhausted.  However, they perked up when we got there. The boys enjoyed petting them and they wanted to know why Rudolph didn’t have a red nose. Rudolph’s owner replied that Rudolph’s nose will only glow red on Christmas Eve.The Reindeer were like dogs or any other domestic pet. They listened to their owner and did exactly what they were asked to do.

While we were visiting, we decided to take advantage of all of the Christmas decorations by taking pictures of the boys. The museum is decorated to the nines with Edwardian style Christmas decor. It is very beautiful. We got some good shots of the little ones, even though it was painful for them to sit still and smile. Why do they think it is pure torture for us to photograph them? I am convinced that they will appreciate the pictures when they are adults!

I hope that the Titanic Museum Attraction includes the Reindeer event every year as part of their Christmas celebration, as it has become part of our family’s Christmas Tradition! For more information on this event and others, go to .