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I remember her so well. Mrs. Mechos was my 4th grade teacher. She was a tall, thin, middle aged women with blonde hair and a heart of gold. She was patient, kind, considerate, and understanding, as a 4th grade teacher aught to be! She was by far my favorite teacher and the impact she left on me still carries on over 27 years later!

Not only did Mrs. Mechos teach me how to multiply and divide; she also taught me how to work through a social problem by communicating and of coarse to accessorize my outfits with cute purses.

Who was your favorite teacher growing up? It is amazing how much impact teachers have on our lives. Now, I can see their impact on my children’s lives. My children have been extremely blessed to have such wonderful teachers as they grow.

This month, February 2013, at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, TN, we honor all Teachers. Any teacher who would like to come visit us in Pigeon Forge can get in FREE by showing their teacher ID. It’s FREE because our teachers deserve it.

The Titanic Museum Attraction knows that Teachers can pass on the history of Titanic to their children so that the children who sailed on Titanic 101 years ago, will never be forgotten. Thank a teacher TODAY and let them know about our Special Offer.

Thank you Mrs. Mechos. I will never forget you!!

Chief Purser, Erin Wicker
Titanic Museum Attraction