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Here is a list of all of the Authors that will YOU WILL MEET at the Titanic Branson Authors’ Week event on March 18-24, 2013 in Branson, Mo.

Lee W. Merideth:    

1912 Facts about Titanic and an updated companion book, Titanic Names: A Complete List of the Passengers and Crew, (Titanic Centennial Edition.)

Both books explore fascinating lesser-known facts about the ship, from her creation, the passengers, crew, the sinking, her discovery and salvage operations.  After 100 years, significant questions remain.  Answers to these and hundreds of other obscure facts are presented in these two, easy-to-read volumes.

Lee Merideth is a long-time Titanic historian and the author of several Civil War  
reference books. 
Bruce M. Caplan:   

The Sinking of the Titanic1912 Survivor Accounts. Logan Marshall’s original 1912 classic, abridged and edited by Bruce M. Caplan. Also, available on CD

Bruce M. Caplantook the original work and edited and abridged the book to include new information.  Today, he is much sought-after public speaker and is considered a premier Titanic expert. Business man and author, Caplan resides in Washington State with his wife Esther.

Helen Behr Sanford: 

Starboard at MidnightThe Love Story of Two Survivors

This fascinating book weaves together history and fiction to tell the true tale of American tennis star Karl H. Behr and Helen Newsom. Not unlike fictional TITANIC movie lovers, Jack and Rose…Karl and Helen’s love could not be denied. Their authentic shipboard romance  comes to life in a definitive biography of adventure and high drama.
Helen is a descendent of Karl Behr.
Author Helen Behr Sanford,  having lived next door to her namesake grandmother, captures the fascinating lives of these two lovers in their journey through the early years of the twentieth century, and highlights the brilliant tennis career of Karl Behr.
She is a graduate of Wheaton College in Norton, Maryland and studied with the late Theodore Weiss at Princeton University.  She has raised two sons with her husband on a small farm outside of Princeton.
Ken Rossignol: 

Titanic 1912 – The Original News Stories
News gathering in 1912, not unlike today, often jumped-the-gun before all of the facts were known.  Titanic 1912  takes a hard look at the original newspaper coverage of the disaster and sorts out the true facts from the gross exaggerations that appeared in newspapers, worldwide.   This book provides a unique look-back into 1912 news reporting  by a renowned, 21stcentury journalist     

After covering hard news for 22 years, Ken Rossignol has been devoting full time to writing and is a sought-after, international maritime history speaker.   

Wade Sisson:

Racing Through the Night

Wade realized that he wanted to read more about the Olympic’s role in the events of April 14-15, 1912, but couldn’t find anything more than footnotes in the written record. So, he set out to research and write Racing Through the Night.                           
Helen Benziger (ONLY at ship Tuesday, March 19 and Wednesday, March 20)
Helen Tobin “Molly” Brown’s great-granddaughter with
Kristen Iversen   Molly Brown:Unraveling the Myth – The True Life Story of the Titanic’s Most Famous Survivor

When Margaret Tobin Brown arrived in New York City after her perilous night in Titanic’s Lifeboat Six, a legend was born. With fame she became “The Unsinkable Molly Brown,” but in the process her life story was distorted beyond recognition.  Kristen Iversen sets the record straight in the first in-depth biography of this American icon.
Kristen Iversengrew up in Colorado and holds a Ph.D in English and has taught at universities around the country and is an honored author of creative non-fiction books.

Helen Benziger, Titanic survivor descendant, travels the country lecturing about her famous ancestor.

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