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She (Yvonne Hume) arrived this morning all the way from England! The Great Niece of Titanic’s 1st Violinist, John Law Hume, came to spend the weekend at our Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Mo. to help us pay tribute to her Great Uncle and the entire Titanic Band in our new Musician Gallery. What an honor it is to have a true relative of someone who sailed on Titanic. She has so many stories to tell. She has written a book too!

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I always get a bit nervous when a Titanic Descendant comes to see a tribute that we have created for one of their family members. You hope that you have done a respectful job of representing their family member and that they are pleased with the display. I believe she was truly blown away. Yvonne met us at the ship this morning for a press conference and a private breakfast where Music Directors  from all over the country came to meet her and join us in a special tribute to John Law Hume. It was very powerful and emotional to see her standing in front of a photo of her Great Uncle.

History is brought to life inside our ship. It’s not just rooms full of artifacts, it stories of REAL PEOPLE that we tell every day. We have a museum because Titanic is in our hearts. We pay respect to those who have lost their lives by simply telling their stories… so that they are never forgotten.

If you would like to personally meet Yvonne Hume, she will be at the Titanic Museum Attraction tomorrow, June 20th and Saturday, June 21st to sign her books and talk about her Great Uncle with guests. It is a historic event that you won’t want to miss.

Here are a few behind the scenes photos of Yvonne with special guests at her press conference.

1st Class Maid Jamie with Ms. Yvonne Hume in the Music Gallery at Titanic Branson

Young Pianist Linnea Babcock with 1st Class Maid Jamie with Ms. Yvonne Hume in the Music Gallery at Titanic Branson

Yvonne Hume talking with a Music Director in the Titanic Branson Music Gallery
Yvonne Hume in the Gift Shop with 2 Beautiful Boys.
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See at the ship of dreams.

Chief Purser,

Erin Wicker

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