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As I watch boarding activities from a high perch on deck, everyone climbing the gangways seems excited and happy, even those in Third Class, And why not? We’re making maritime history: White Star Line’s Olympic-class steamers are revolutionizing the industry, in luxury, size and, above all, safety. 
     I should know. I’m J. Bruce Ismay, White Star’s managing director and creator of this magnificent ship. I often sail maiden voyages and wouldn’t have missed Titanic’s for the world. I miss my wife and children back home in London but am pleased Titanic’s architect and builder, Thomas Andrews, is here, While he ensures this “baby” behaves, I intend to bask in the praise and applause that follows me wherever I go.
     Once underway, only the vast North Atlantic will appear on the horizon. As we move out to sea, Titanic will reach her design speed of 21 knots. She can do more, but Captain Smith advises we test the new ship’s limits another trip. Anyway, on-time arrival in New York is the priority, not speed. I hail from a long, proud line of successful shipbuilders. I feel sure Titanic will add glory to the family name. How could she not?

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