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I have been a member of MOPS, or Mothers of Preschoolers since my oldest was 2. He is now 8, so I guess that means I have been in MOPS for 6 years in several different towns. This year and last, I have been a member of the Branson, Mo. PM MOPS organization. Branson PM MOPS meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month in the evenings from 6:00-8:30 at First Baptist Church in Branson, MO. Childcare is provided through our MOPPETS program, where children will be taught age appropraite curriculum, have snack, play with other children their age and get tender loving care from the childcare workers. In the meantime, we fellowship with other moms, listen to a speaker, create a craft and enjoy dinner (without cleaning up messes). My youngest is a Kindergartner and MOPS will allow mothers to stay in the organization if your children are up to Kindergarten age. I decided for my last year of MOPS, I would really try to step it up and make a difference within the organization.

This fall, the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Mo. agreed to sponsor our program. This is so exciting because through their sponsorship, we are able to provide child care to our children while we are in our meetings, we provide diapers and gifts to expecting MOMS, and we are able to minister to the local women’s shelters in our area. To honor the Titanic for their sponsorship, we invited them to our October meeting this past Tuesday night.

You know the 1st Class Maid Jaynee, that you have seen on billboards, television, and at the museum? She came dressed in her 1st Class Maid outfit. We all enjoyed her so much. She went into all of the children’s classrooms and gave them bookmarks with Molly and Carter on them and taught the children to bow and curtsie. I was amazed when a little girl came up to her and said, “It’s me Hannah. Do you remember?” Jaynee didn’t skip a beat! She said, Of coarse I remember you. I met you at the public library. You have a cat that had kittens. How are you?” The little girl was beaming and I was so impressed that Jaynee, who travels throughout Missouri and Tennessee speaking with new children every week, remembered one little girl in Branson, Mo!      

Not only did Jaynee interact with the children, she also was invited to talk to us MOMS in our meeting. She spoke of the Mothers that were onboard the Titanic and how their protective instinct must have been on overdrive during that fateful night. She also had a drawing and gave away a family pass to the Titanic Musuem Attraction. This was a huge hit with the MOPS moms! We were honored that Jaynee and the Titanic Museum Attraction would take time out to acknowledge our group. I think we will plan a MOPS group to the museum sometime during their Christmas Event!

Every year, the Titanic Museum Attraction has been visited by Santa and His Reindeer. This Christmas entourage is coming back this year and it is such a great opportunity for MOMS to bring their children to the museum and take holiday photos with Santa and REAL Reindeer! The entire museum will be decorated in holiday flair. The Grand Staircase, the centerpiece for this outstanding museum, will be adorned “to the nines” with Christmas trees, lights, and garland. I can’t wait to take my family to see it.