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Titanic and U.S. Tours Pair up with Princess Cruises, for a Special “Titanic Tribute Cruise” October 17-23, 2015

Starting at $2495.00 

More information:

TITANIC  Museum Attractions and REGAL PRINCESS
Friday, October 16 – Friday, October 23, 2015


Day 1

Overnight Midtown Manhattan Hotel

The tour package begins with your arrival at a select, US Tour’s Midtown Manhattan hotel in the

Day 2

This is a free morning, with time to do some world-class shopping or sightseeing.  At 12:00 noon, we will depart the hotel by motorcoach and transfer passengers to the Regal Princess

Board the Regal Princess

The Regal Princess is a spectacular, new ship. An exciting example of the next generation of innovative Princess ships, from her breathtaking Atrium and Piazza to signature features like The Skywalk, a dramatic glass-bottom walkway, which USA Today calls “One of the Top Gee-Wiz Features at Sea.”
You’ll have the afternoon to explore the decks, locate shops and restaurants, and perhaps share stories over cappuccinos  with fellow Titaniacs!

Titanic Welcome Cocktail Reception and Dinner Party

A welcoming cocktail reception will be held before dinner.  Special arrangements have been made to seat Titanic cruise passengers together in a beautiful, getting-to-know-you setting.

After dinner, we’ll gather for a special reception with the Titanic Museum Attraction’s ship Commander, Captain Lowell.  The Captain is a noted authority on Titanic history and lore and is the author of “Into the Deep,” a best seller.

Titanic Museum Attraction’s  spokes person and historian will join Captain Lowell in introducing our very special guest, Helen Bengizer, the great-granddaughter of Margaret “Unsinkable Molly” Brown.   All three will be part of your weeklong adventure.

Day 3

Titanic – Day at Sea

This is your first full day at sea.  The Regal Princess will not dock until reaching her Halifax, Nova Scotia destination the next day.

Titanic –  Morning Devotion by Captain Lowell

This Titanic event-filled day begins with a Devotion by Captain Lowell honoring Titanic’s Heroes of Faith.  Their stories of hope, courage and redemption are as relevant todays as they were 103 years ago.  Among them, the story of Reverend Harper who wrapped his 6-year-old daughter in a blanket, put her in a life boat, gave his lifejacket to another and spent his last moments comforting lost souls with the promise of eternal life.

Titanic Afternoon Movie –  1958 “A Night to Remember”

This afternoon you’re invited to join Captain Lowell in the Ship’s Theater for a special screening of the 1958 Titanic movie classic, A Night to Remember.  This British film is considered cinema’s most subtle and best dramatization of this monumental 20th Century catastrophe.  I liked A Night to Remember…and admire the film, confessed 1997 TITANIC Academy Award winning Director, James Cameron.

Immediately following the film, Captain Lowell will share his experiences while diving to the Titanic wreck site.  It took him 2-hours to reach the ship, 7-hours to explore the crumbling remains and another 2-hours to resurface.  He brought back a story of unimaginable adventure that he’ll share with you in a Q & A session.

Titanic Evening Gala – “And The Band Played On”

Tonight, following the Regal Princess’ Formal Dinner you’ll be treated to a night of danceable music, provided exclusively for you by the ship’s orchestra.  Hits from 1912 to the jazz age and beyond will keep you swinging and swaying…and remembering, too, the night   Band Leader, Wallace Hartley and his loyal band members played on.

Day 4

Halifax Shore Tour/Fairview Lawn Cemetery

This morning, Regal Princess docks in Halifax, capital city of Nova Scotia. Here, you’ll board a private coach for an escorted tour of the city and a visit to the Fairview Lawn Cemetery where a special memorial ceremony will be held in honor of the 100 or more Titanic victims who are buried here.  Among them, Luigi Gotti, owner and manager of Titanic’s Ala Carte restaurant; Alma Paulson, 29, lost with four children; and Ernest Edward Samuel Freeman, secretary to White Star Chairman, Bruce Ismay.

Most of the gravestones, erected in the fall of 1912 and paid for by the White Star Lines, are stark and stunning reminders of what happened here.

Peggy’s Cove

Shopping and lunch await at Peggy’s Cove, one of Nova Scotia’s most breathtaking, famous and photographed places, home of an iconic lighthouse.  This unique sea beacon perched atop massive granite rocks also serves as a post office. You’ll want to send friends postcards or selfies from this picturesque location.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Before returning to the ship you’ll visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  Here an exhibit  shares the story of Titanic and the key role Halifax played in the disaster.  Some of the most significant artifacts and records related to Titanic can be seen here, including a rare collection of wooden fragments from the ship, a perfectly preserved deckchair and the “Unknown Child’s” shoe.

Day 5

In Port at St. John, New Brunswick

St. John is the only city on the shore of the Bay of Fundy, home to the world’s highest tides.  There’s a storybook quality to this historic town.  Here you’ll be on your own to explore enchanting old town, cultural attractions and natural wonders.  Regal Princess shore tours are available.

Cocktail Reception with Helen Bengizer

This evening, following dinner, our Titanic group will attend a private, cocktail reception for Helen Bengizer “Molly” Brown’s great granddaughter.  This is an up close and personal moment for you to get to know this remarkable woman and to hear amazing stories about her famed ancestor that only she can tell.

Day 6

In Port at Bar Harbor, Maine

This port of call holds special meaning for Titanic fans.  It is here in this Gilded Age Eden that the richest man aboard Titanic, John Jacob Astor first met and later married, his dearest love, Madeleine Force.
This exclusive colony of wealth is nestled on the east side of Mt. Desert Island. Surrounded by Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor features some of the most spectacular scenery on the Eastern Seaboard. This idyllic place was home to the Astors, Rockefellers, and Vanderbilts for over 200 years. There are a number of shore tours available here.

Day 7

 Boston:  Hailed as the “Cradle of American Independence,” Boston is filled with historic sites.  It was America’s first great city.  In the 19th century, she was rightly described as the “Athens of

America.”  Today this city of 800,000 retains its vitality, combining historic districts with revitalized urban centers while remaining faithful to its venerable roots.  It is a city every American should visit at least once.  Follow the Freedom Trail along three of the most historic miles in the country.  See the site of the Boston Tea Party, trace the route of Paul Revere’s famous ride, and stand on the bridge where Minutemen fired “the shot heard  around the world.”  In the old Charleston Navy Yard you can see the USS Constitution, the nation’s oldest commissioned warship.  And there were 15 Titanic passengers connected to Boston, MA.  Hear their stories.

Day 8

Newport Art Museum

Newport, Rhode Island is your final stop.  Here you’ll enjoy many exciting and unique events.  First stop, the world renowned Newport Art Museum with its rich collection of Rhode Island artists’ historic and contemporary art work.  The museum is housed in the 151-year-old mansion built for John Griswold and has been home to the museum since 1916.  Costumed docents, in character, walk you through the displays while providing colorful commentary on the museum’s history.

Lunch With The Astors

Upon completion of your museum tour you’re invited to join costume Madeleine and John Jacob Astor for a fabulous three-course, plated luncheon featuring live music and private moments with your pretend Astor hosts.

Newport Mansions Tour

Following your sit-down with the Astors, you’ll step into a world of exceptional elegance and inspiration in architecture, art, interior design and landscaping that can only be found in the Grand Mansions of Newport.  Here’s where the American billionaires of the Gilded Age lived, looked after by a household staff that would rival that of Downton Abbey.

The Marble House

Featured in this tour is a visit to the Marble House, built in 1892 for Mr. and Mrs.  William K. Vanderbilt.  It was the social and architectural landmark inspired by the Petit Trianon at Versailles.  This magnificent structure changed Newport from an unpretentious collection of small wooden houses to an exclusive settlement of opulent stone palaces.  Find out why Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt purchased tickets on the Titanic and decided to change ships at the last minute.  However, Mr. Vanderbilt’s valet did travel on the Titanic.  Did he make it?  Find out his story.

Farewell Dinner

This evening our group will enjoy a Farewell Dinner in The Crown Grill, one of the ship’s 10 specialty restaurants. Relax and share your thoughts with Helen Bengizer, Captain Lowell and your fellow traveling companions as The Regal Princess sails to New York, and the end of your Titanic adventure.

Day 9

Departure Day

The Regal Princess docks this morning in New York.  Debarking will begin after breakfast.  Groups arriving by coach will have a scheduled pick up time.  Individuals flying home will require airport taxi service to the airport.  If your car was stored at the pier, airport transportation service is available.

heart of The City That Never Sleeps. Here you’ll meet your Tour Manager and enjoy an evening on your own, exploring New York City’s many famous landmarks, theatrical attractions and finest restaurants.