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This past weekend, my husband and I took the boys to Titanic’s 3rd Annual Woodcarving event. We went last year too, so the boys were excited to see some new animal carvings. First of all, October weather in Branson, Mo. is perfect. It was warm and sunny on Saturday; ideal for this outdoor event. When we arrived, men and women from ALL OVER the COUNTRY were actively carving very LARGE stumps of wood with chain saws and chisels. There were wood chips flying.

I enjoyed seeing the creativity. It is so neat to see an artist look at a giant stump and be inspired to turn it into a bear with detailed features. The carvers used torches to burn sections of the wood, which I thought was a very neat technique that gave depth and definition to their pieces.

Jaynee, Titanic’s 1st Class Maid Personality from the television commercials, billboards, and print was present at the event. It is always a pleasure to see her. As you can see from the video, she picked out her favorite woodcarving, but it was too big and heavy for Jaynee to move on her own. Molly and Carter made an appearance to greet guests, and of coarse were bum rushed by all of the children. They were cute and well behaved as usual.

In my opinion, the most exciting part of this event was the auction held at 2pm each day. On Saturday, the auction started with a bear in a log. So cute. I couldn’t believe how cheap these wood carvings were selling for. There were some GREAT deals happening. I wanted to bid on the Sea Turtles that were absolutely gorgeous, but I don’t have any place to display them right now. Next year!

As each item sold, the LOGHOGGERS TEAM was kind enough to load the piece into the buyers car/truck. These works of art are super heavy, so that was a nice service. Anyway, we enjoyed it and are planning to purchase a big item next year.