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Why Kids Say,
Once is Not Enough
New Gallery introduced.
                                       First Class Maid and Guest Blogger- JAMIE
The first time is magic.  The second or third time is magic magnified a hundred times over.  That’s what children tell me, in their own sweet words, of course. Over the years I’ve gotten to know many of our “regular kiddies” and I’ve asked them what it is about the permanent, interactive Titanic MuseumAttraction that keeps bringing them back?
First they say there’s so much to see and do that they couldn’t possibly experience it all in one visit. They also know that new exhibits and special interactive children’s events are happening all the time and that there are always, never-before-seen Titanic artifacts to surprise them.
 Now, of course, that could be because our dear ship’s co-owner & Admiral, Mary Kellogg, is constantly reshuffling the decks to make room for new and exciting Titanic tributes.  Admiral Mary knows how children think and what it takes to hold their interest.  You might say, twenty years as a Senior Executive at Walt Disney Company has something to do with that.
             Touch the Iceberg * Steer the Ship * Test the water * Talk to Polar
At the end of the day, I’ve come to the conclusion that children and Titanic were meant for each other, and so sayeth …..
“I thought it would be HOKEY.  And it WASN’T!”  Murphy Evans
“Our daughter loved the exhibit! She was so pleased when we told her we were returning.”      Times
We had visited the attraction twice.  Both times left us awestruck.  This is worth putting on your bucket list.”  – A Myriad of Thoughts

Now, I hope those of you who have toured Titanic before will bring the family and come back to see us soon, and those who have yet to
discover the experience of Titanic will set the date for your first visit.