Children of the RMS Titanic

“There were 135 children on board Titanic, with ages ranging from 9 weeks to 15 years, each with a story to tell. This is our mission, to shine a light on their young lives, to speak their names, and to honor their legacy. The iconic image of the children’s shoes serves to capture the spirit of this major event and prepare our guests for a powerful new look into Titanic’s final days though the eyes of children,” Kellogg-Joslyn says.

Life begins with baby steps, innocents at sea,
each pair of shoes were on a path lined with
Hope, Courage & Resilience.

Miss Catherine Johnston

3rd Class Passenger
Age: 7 Years
Destination: New London, Connecticut

Good day to you. My name is Catherine Johnston. I was born in Croydon in Surrey, England. My parents are Scottish, and I share their love and attention with an 8-year-old brother. Father was a plumber and wasn’t affected by the many strikes happening throughout the country. Ironically, it’s because of a coal strike that I’m on Titanic today.

When my aunt’s daughter in America, my cousin Frances, began boasting about the good life she was living there, she insisted that we come see for ourselves. Before I knew it, passage was booked on the RMS Titanic. I couldn’t believe my luck. Titanic is set to make history, and so am I.

There are 10 of us in our group, Mom and Dad, my brother, an aunt, 4 cousins, a family friend, and myself. We’re bound for New London, Connecticut, where one of my uncles already lives. Now, all we have to do for the next several days is relax and have fun, Third Class style.

On the fifth night an iceberg brought Titanic’s epic voyage to an end. But was it all over for Catherine, too?
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