Unique Wedding Proposal Packages at Titanic Museum Branson

Set sail on a voyage of love and historic marvel with our exclusive wedding proposal package at Titanic Museum Branson. Blending romance with the grandeur of the past, this unique setting offers an unforgettable stage for your proposal, surrounded by the allure of a bygone era.

Want to impress your intended and get the positive response you’re hoping for?
Now you can book your wedding proposal on the Grand Staircase at Titanic Branson!
Proposals are scheduled during regular operating hours; private rentals are available by contacting Event Specialists.



Where Legendary Love Stories Begin: Titanic’s Grand Staircase

The Grand Staircase at Titanic Museum Branson is more than a mere backdrop; it’s a symbol of enduring elegance and charm. A meticulous recreation of the original, it provides a historically rich setting for your proposal. Let your love story be added to the romantic sagas that have unfolded here, making your Branson proposal an extraordinary event.

Crafting the Branson Proposal at Titanic

Nestled in the heart of Branson, MO, our museum provides a truly unique proposal experience. With the majestic Grand Staircase as your setting, become part of the hundreds of couples who have chosen this iconic spot. Begin your journey together on these historic steps, a memory etched in time. Explore our museum’s history section for more inspiring moments.

Embracing Military Surprise Proposals

At Titanic Museum, we hold a special place for military love stories. With deep respect, we offer a warm welcome to military surprise proposals. Numerous servicemen and women have celebrated their love here, and we invite you to add your military marriage proposal to our cherished history.

The Titanic Proposal Package: Your Ticket to Forever

Immerse in romance with our comprehensive proposal package. Experience a memorable proposal on the Grand Staircase, receive support from a First Class Maid or First Officer, and cherish the moment with a keepsake Titanic frame & photo. This package, including admissions for two to the Titanic Museum Attraction, is offered at just $150 plus tax. For those planning a larger celebration, our wedding gallery offers a glimpse into your potential big day at Titanic.


Included in your Proposal Memory Package:

  • Grand Staircase proposal
  • First Class Maid or a First Officer to assist with proposal set-up
  • Keepsake Titanic frame & proposal photo (1- 6×8 photo)
  • Admissions for two to tour the Titanic Museum Attraction

Package price $150 plus tax
Admission tickets may be purchased for your guests to The Titanic Museum Attraction at an additional cost.

Add-on Options and Guest Admissions

Your proposal is a pivotal moment, one to be shared. Enhance it by inviting your loved ones to witness the magic, with options to purchase additional tickets and explore the wonders of the Titanic Museum. Discover our group packages and rates for more details.

Vow Renewal Proposal: Rekindling the Romance on the Grand Staircase

Love is worth celebrating more than once. Our Grand Staircase is perfect for vow renewals, having witnessed numerous couples reaffirming their commitment. If you’re considering renewing your vows, explore our tailored vow renewal packages.

Customer Testimonials: Proposals that Made History

“Thank you for everything. Being nervous and far away from everyone, you guys sure helped!”

– Trista

“You rolled with our unconventional bunch, making this day exceptional!”

– Ashley Swift

“Thank you for hosting the wedding ceremony of our dreams!”

– Kristi & Ethan Clark

For more heartwarming stories, check our testimonials page.

The Ultimate Guide for a Seamless Proposal

Every couple desires a unique, surprise-filled proposal. We’re here to help craft that dream. With our guidance, from planning to execution, ensure your proposal becomes a story told for generations.

Branson Proposal Packages: Creating Memories Beyond Titanic

While the Titanic Museum is a hallmark of romance, Branson, MO, is a haven of romantic spots. Explore the various Branson proposal packages available, and discover why proposing at Titanic is a uniquely memorable experience. For more romantic experiences in Branson, check out our local partners and attractions.

Ready to Board the Journey of a Lifetime?

Your epic love story deserves an equally epic start. The grandeur, elegance, and history of the Titanic await. Reach out to our dedicated Wedding and Event Specialists and make the first step towards a lifetime of shared memories.