“I completely enjoyed visiting this museum! I enjoy the history of the event and was impressed with how much detail and thought they put into this museum. They had a kids tour as well which is suited more to 12 and under. They did include interactive parts as well for all ages. The staff played the parts well and stayed in character which really added to the experience.”

– Shai S

Trip Advisor Review

“Great museum”*****

“I have always been facinated with the Titanic and this place did not disappoint. I thought it was very cool to see all of the things that were on the Titanic and learn about the passengers that were aboard. It was a little eerie, but extremely fasinating all at the same time. Love the history that I learned and would recommend a visit to this museum if you are intrigued by the Titanic.”

– kDebra1909

Trip Advisor Review

“This exhibit was amazing!!!”*****

“My husband and I took a Christmas bus tour through the States, and we had some free time from site-seeing, so we visited the Titanic exhibit. Wow!! From the very start it was so interesting. There were so many things to see. Artifacts from the ship and from people who actually sailed on this fateful voyage. I loved seeing the inside of the ship. The way it was divided with the upper decks for the well-to-do and everyone else below them all the way down to the bottom with the engines. Also, all the personal items from the people who were there. It was so interesting to try to stand (even crawl) on the decks as they went down. The cold water gave us some idea of what it must have felt like in the water (although we could not even imagine our whole body in the ocean). The staff were excellent. We spent time with one gentleman who explained so much to us. The gift shop is really nice with friendly staff. Thank you all for a wonderful afternoon. We are so glad we explored the Titanic exhibit. We recommend it to anyone who travels to Branson.”

– Joan P

Trip Advisor Review


“We had no idea what to expect. This museum made the story of the Titanic really come to life. The amount of artifacts is incredible. Many real pictures from the start of construction until the first portion of the maiden voyage. They layout is excellent. It really makes you feel very involved in the process from the start of construction until the fatal sinking. Make sure to talk to the various staff throughout the facility. They can tell true tales that go beyond the pictures. Well worth the time and cost.”

– Steven H

Trip Advisor Review

“Loved it!”*****

“My daughter and I absolutely are fascinated by the Titanic- that’s why we actually went to Branson to see this exhibit in particular. All of our party enjoyed it. Kids had a kids walking tour (individual headphones) and we adults had the adult version. Each of us could go at our own pace. Very informative and everyone working there was friendly. We had bought Groupon coupons before we left home- worked out just fine. Nice gift shop at the end with all kinds of souvenirs. Would recommend.”

– koreyANDemily

Trip Advisor Review


“The musuem is very interesting! First, you receive a card with a person’s name and brief history. You become that person that actually was on the Titanic. At the very end you will see if you survived. The exhibits are well laid out. As you travel through, you become engrossed in learning about the ship and the passengers. If you like anything about the Titanic…this is a must do! If you don’t know much about the Titanic, this is a great place to start.”

– DEgirltoMts

Trip Advisor Review

“A Remembrance”*****

“Many people have been lost at sea over the years, but this is a story of brave men and women who lost their lives, as well as those who survived, on a commercial ship that was thought to be unsinkable. This is a well documented museum and gives visitors a look at class distinctions and stories from all walks of live. Definitely worth a visit while in Branson.”

– Larry W

Trip Advisor Review

“Great Museum Experience”*****

“We enjoyed this museum. We were given a boarding pass card with an actual persons name on it. (At the end you find out why) My son was given a child’s name. We were given controllers with speaker that you hold up to your ear like a phone. It had a kid version and adult version. It was self paced and had a few stops along the way with people dressed in period clothing telling us something about the Titanic. They were always willing to listen and answer questions and were very knowledgeable. Every so often it also had something hands on to touch and do for the kids (and adults too).”

– JaNel W

Trip Advisor Review