Officer Buster’s Reading List

Our dedicated First Officer Buster, a passionate reader and a true Titanic enthusiast, has meticulously compiled an extensive collection of books that offer a unique glimpse into the awe-inspiring history of the legendary ship. Whether you are a budding bookworm or just starting their reading journey, we have the perfect recommendations to ignite imagination and foster a love for literature.

With age-appropriate categories and reading level indicators, finding the ideal book has never been easier. Explore thrilling tales of Hope, Courage and Resilience, delve into gripping narratives of the ship’s construction and ill-fated voyage, and learn about the remarkable passengers who embarked on this monumental journey.

Books are listed in order of age recommendation, beginning with Kindergarten and ending with Teen and lastly Adult.

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List


Recommended for Pre-K to age 7+
Illustrated Alphabet Book. 
Excellent book to read to those not reading yet up to young readers.

A great way to bring the story of the Titanic to life for children of all ages! This book, developed for the Titanic Museum Attraction, takes you on an alphabetic journey presenting the facts that surround the RMS Titanic. T is for Titanic is a book the whole family can enjoy together.

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List


Recommended from Pre-K to age 7+
Grades 2 – 7
Nonfiction picture book. 

Excellent book to read to those not reading yet, and for young solo readers. Twelve-year-old Ruth Becker is sailing on the Titanic’s maiden voyage. The unsinkable ship’s luxury is beyond her wildest dreams. But in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912, Ruth and her family are suddenly aware that the grand ship is in trouble. Her mother, brother, and sister escape on a lifeboat, while Ruth remains on deck. Will she be stranded on the Titanic?

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List


Recommended ages 6 – 10 years
Grades 2 through 5
Fiction chapter book
Book 22 in the Mermaid Tales series!

Echo struggles to share her friends with a new student in this twenty-second Mermaid Tales adventure.

Echo has always been fascinated by human inventions, so she’s especially interested when her class studies the history of the Titanic and the bacteria discovered there, Halomonas titanicae. When Mrs. Karp announces that the class will be going on an ocean trip to the sunken vessel, Echo is thrilled to have a chance to see it, since the ship is decaying and won’t be around much longer.

The ocean trip isn’t the only big news at school—a new merstudent, Anita, will be joining the class! But Echo and Anita immediately don’t get along. Anita is rude to Echo the first time they meet, and all of Echo’s friends seem to like Anita better than her.

As the trip approaches, the merfriends learn that the Titanic site isn’t wheelchair accessible, meaning Anita won’t be able to join the class. Her friends decide to boycott the trip, but Echo has been looking forward to it for weeks. Is Echo willing to look past her jealousy and give up the trip? Or can she find way for everyone to be included in both the ocean trip and her friend group?

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List


Recommended ages 6 – 10
Grades 2 – 5
Historical Fiction. 
This book is excellent to read to younger children and features beautiful illustrations.

Young Jim Mulholland can’t believe his good luck: He has signed on as a cabin boy to the world’s finest ocean liner, the Titanic, and can’t wait for the history-making voyage across the sea to America.

As part of his duties Jim is in charge of the ship’s cat, a beautiful tortoiseshell that also appears happy to be on board. He calls the cat by the ship’s construction number, 4-0-1, certain that she will bring him good luck. And he’s delighted when 4-0-1 shortly gives birth to a litter of kittens.

But once the ship’s trial runs are completed and it’s ready to launch to sea, Jim notices that 4-0-1 is nowhere to be found. He’s got to find her – the Titanic can’t cast off without her lucky cat.

Jim is faced with a decision that will affect the rest of his life.

About the author:

A newspaper journalist for 30 years, Marty Crisp often writes about the animals that hold a special interest and place in her heart. She has published many award-winning books for children and adults, including White Star, her book about a dog on the Titanic. Marty lives in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Robert Papp’s award-winning artwork includes hundreds of illustrations for major publishers across the United States, and his first children’s book, The Scarlet Stockings Spy, was named an IRA Teachers’ Choice in 2005. His other books with Sleeping Bear Press include The Last Brother and M is for Meow: A Cat Alphabet. Robert lives in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List


Recommended ages 7 – 11
Grades 2 – 6
Chapter book.

On April 10, 1912, more than 2,200 people boarded the luxurious ocean liner Titanic for her first voyage. Experts said that the Titanic was “unsinkable.” But after just a few days at sea, it suddenly crashed with an iceberg, and the “unsinkable” ship sank!

To this day, the wreck of the Titanic lies at the bottom of the ocean. Read this incredible true story and unlock the secrets of the deep!

Author: Thomas Conklin

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List


Recommended ages 7 – 11
Grades 2 – 6
Historical Fiction chapter book.

Getting lost in a good book has never been this dangerous!

Cleo and Evan have a secret. A collection of books so dangerous they are locked up tight. And only they can find the keys to release the magic inside!


When Cleo and Evan set sail on the Titanic, time is not on their side! The famous ocean liner is destined to hit an iceberg. If they can stop a thief from stealing a priceless jeweled book — and find their next key — they might avoid sinking with the ship in this historic disaster!

Author: Eric Luper

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List


Recommended ages 8 – 14
Grades 3 – 8
Historical Narrative chapter book.

“Hopkinson’s reporting is so rich with information that it will be equally fascinating to young readers and adults alike.” — Los Angeles Times

“Nonfiction at its best.” –Kirkus Reviews

Award-winning author Deborah Hopkinson pieces together the harrowing, tragic story of the TITANIC in this Sibert Honor volume. Now in paperback! In this award-winning book, critically acclaimed author Deborah Hopkinson weaves together the voices and stories of real TITANIC survivors and witnesses to the disaster — from the stewardess Violet Jessop to Captain Arthur Rostron of the CARPATHIA, who came to the rescue of the sinking ship. Packed with heartstopping action, devastating drama, fascinating historical details, loads of archival photographs on almost every page, quotes from primary sources, and painstaking back matter, this gripping story, which follows the TITANIC and its passengers from the ship’s celebrated launch at Belfast to her cataclysmic icy end, is sure to thrill and move readers.

Author: Deborah Hopkinson

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List


Grade 4 – 8
Historical Fiction chapter book

The ultimate action/adventure trilogy begins, with #1 bestselling author Gordon Korman plunging readers into the heart of the Titanic.

The Titanic is meant to be unsinkable, but as it begins its maiden voyage, there’s plenty of danger waiting for four of its young passengers. Paddy is a stowaway, escaping a deadly past. Sophie’s mother is delivered to the ship by police – after she and Sophie have been arrested. Juliana’s father is an eccentric whose riches can barely hide his madness. And Alfie is hiding a secret that could get him kicked off the ship immediately. The lives of these four passengers will be forever linked with the fate of Titanic. And the farther they get from shore, the more the danger looms. . . .

From bestselling author Gordon Korman, a second heart-stopping adventure aboard the unluckiest ship of all.

The Titanic has hit the high seas–and moves steadily toward its doom. Within the luxury of the cabins and the dark underbelly of the ship, mysteries unfold–a secret killer who may be on board, a legacy that may be jeopardized, and a vital truth that will soon be revealed. For Paddy, Sophie, Juliana, and Alfie, life on the Titanic brings both hiding and seeking, as their lives become irrevocably intertwined. And then, of course, an iceberg appears, and the stage is set for the final scene.

From bestselling author Gordon Korman, the thrilling conclusion to the adventure aboard the unluckiest ship of all.

The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable – the largest passenger steamship in the world, one of the biggest and most luxurious ships ever to operate. For Paddy, Sophie, Juliana, and Alfie, the Titanic is full of mysteries – whether they’re to be found in the opulent first-class cabins and promenade decks or the shadows in the underbelly of the ship. Secrets and plans are about to be revealed – only now disaster looms, and time is running out. The four of them need to find the truth, unmask the killer…and try not to go down with the ship.

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List



Back in Stock Soon

Recommended for Teens to Adults
Historical Narrative. Nonfiction. Hardback Edition.
This book commemorates the enduring legacy of the world’s most famous ship – TITANIC.

Her story is one of all those bound together on that fateful voyage. On board were: writers, artists, honeymooners, sportsmen, priests, reverends, fashion designers, aristocrats, millionaires, children, crew and emigrants looking for a better life.

This book tells of their lives, and shines the spotlight on:

  • Some of the great ship’s surprising treasures
  • Her fêted voyage from Belfast’s Harland & Wolff shipyard
  • The fascinating museums devoted to her memory, including Titanic Belfast
  • The iconic music and movies
  • Her winged and four-legged passengers
  • The sister ships of Olympic and Britannic
  • Tales of heroism
  • Theories surrounding Titanic’s fatal collision
  • The lifeboats and just how close the SS Californian was on that tragic night
  • How Arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton and the inquiries viewed events
  • These stories and much more lie inside.
Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List


Recommended for Teens to Adults
Historical Fiction novel.

Tess, an aspiring seamstress, thinks she’s had an incredibly lucky break when she is hired by famous designer Lady Lucile Duff Gordon to be her personal maid on the Titanic. Once on board, Tess catches the eye of two men—a kind sailor and an enigmatic Chicago businessman—who offer differing views of what lies ahead for her in America. But on the fourth night, disaster strikes, and amidst the chaos, Tess is one of the last people allowed on a lifeboat.

The survivors are rescued and taken to New York, but when rumors begin to circulate about the choices they made, Tess is forced to confront a serious question. Did Lady Duff Gordon save herself at the expense of others? Torn between loyalty to Lucile and her growing suspicion that the media’s charges might be true, Tess must decide whether to stay quiet and keep her fiery mentor’s good will or face what might be true and forever change her future.

Author: Kate Alcott

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List

Trapped on the Titanic by Tammy S. Knox

Recommended age 9-12 grades 3-7

Trapped on the Titanic is a work of children’s historical fiction set in 2012, the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

The thrilling, chilling story begins with Callie Elizabeth, an eighth grade girl with a normal life. At least her life was fairly normal until she finds herself alone and staring into the eyes of a weeping photograph that is over 100 years old. Who is the girl in the picture and why does she look so much like Callie? Why does the phantasmic image of the girl keep appearing to Callie? What does she want from her? As Callie searches for answers about the girl in the photograph, she finds herself engulfed in family secrets, haunting visits, and espionage. What really happened that night of April 14 and the early morning of April 15, 1912 as the majestic Titanic sank to her watery grave? How can Callie solve the mystery and put to rest the ghosts of her family’s past? With the help of a good friend, her grandmother’s love for history and her own keen perception, Callie discovers that things are not always as they seem. Learning from the past, Callie is able to find priceless treasures that have been hidden away since the sinking of the Titanic.

Author: Tammy S. Knox

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List

The Art of Afternoon Tea by Penelope Carlevato

Recommended reading level adult

A gourmet guidebook and an irresistible collection of almost 100 recipes, directly from, or inspired by, the fascinating era of the Edwardians. Includes special menus for entertaining friends, with interesting facts and stories of life in Downton Abbey and Titanic times. Whether planning a Birthday Tea, a Christmas Tea, a Christening Tea or even a themed Downton Abbey Tea, the pleasures of celebrating and sharing tea time come alive as Penelope shares her enthusiasm, knowledge, and inspiration for all things tea. Discover the pleasures and rituals of high tea and afternoon tea in the grand English style of Downton Abbey’s ambiance and the traditions of the Titanic’s first class customs.

Author: Penelope Carlevato

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List

On A Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic by Tad Fitch, J Kent Layton, Bill Wormstedt

Recommended reading level adult

Illustrated throughout, including many rare and unique views of the ship and those who sailed on her, this is as accurate and engrossing a telling of the life of the White Star Line’s Titanic and her sinking as you will read anywhere. Made special by the use of many rare survivor accounts from the eye witnesses to that night to remember, this narrative places the reader in the middle of the maiden voyage, and brings the tragic sinking to life as never before.

On the night of 14/15 April 1912, a brand-new, supposedly unsinkable ship, the largest and most luxurious vessel in the world at the time, collided with an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage. Of the 2,208 people on board, only 712 were saved. How could this ‘unsinkable’ vessel sink and why did so few of those aboard survive?

The authors of this well-researched book bring the tragedy to life, telling the story of the ship’s design, construction, and maiden voyage. The stories of individuals who sailed on her, many previously known only as names on yellowing passenger and crew lists, are brought to light using rarely-seen accounts of the sinking. The stories of passengers of all classes and crewmembers alike are explored. They tell the dramatic stories of lives lost and people saved, of the rescue ship Carpathia, and the aftermath of the sinking.

Never again would a large passenger liner sail without lifeboats for all. Despite the tragedy, the sinking of the Titanic indirectly led to untold numbers of lives being saved due to new regulations that came into force after the tragedy.

Authors: Tad Fitch, J Kent Layton, Bill Wormstedt

Titanic's Officer Buster’s Reading List

Recreating Titanic and Her Sisters: A Visual History by Tad Fitch, J Kent Layton, Bill Wormstedt

Recommended reading level adult

Step back in time and relive the impressive wonder and tragedy of Titanic and her sister ships, Olympic and Britannic.

Explore the legendary stories of all three historic ships through this compelling narrative. Beautiful artwork throughout brings to life the design, construction, and service of the ships together with the wrecks of the ill-fated Titanic and Britannic.

From the cold, starry night when Titanic collided with her iceberg, to the tragic wartime loss of Britannic and the impressive reliability of the long-lived Olympic, this cinematic and immersive new study captures all the glory and drama of the Olympic-class age and allows readers to visualize Titanic and her sisters like never before.

Hardcover book measuring 10 x 10 inches, a wonderful addition to your personal library.

Voted Titanic Book Club’s Book of the Year 2022.

Authors: Tad Fitch, J Kent Layton, Bill Wormstedt